Old Koorse PicWelcome to my world! Sit back… relax!  I know why you’re here.  Unless you’re lost, you probably want to get the dirt on Sandeep Koorse.  Don’t worry!  This site isn’t just a marker to show my friends and family I’m on the web… its a glimpse into my past, present, and future.  You’ve come here looking for information, and I plan to deliver.

This is actually the third generation of the koorse.com website. I’ve been working with the internet for over a decade, and my first site (1997) was very basic. The second iteration of koorse.com (2001) started off as a pre-Peace Corps project to communicate with my friends back home while I was on my Peace Corps assignment in the Kingdom of Tonga.  If you are interested in my Peace Corps adventure (including the application process etc.) click on the Peace Corps link in the top menu. This third generation site (2008) is a long-term effort to build a portal that can be updated easily with pics and news. It’s amazing how easy things have become with packages like WordPress! I’ve described my web development experiences in detail on the Web History sub page in the right panel.

If you would like to know more about my personal history, click on the Personal History subpage in the right panel. I’ve had a lot of cool adventures so far, and I love to share my experiences and meet new friends.

Thanks for checking out my site and feel free to drop me an email or comment 🙂
Sandeep Koorse 

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